Montessori is an education for independence, preparing not just for school, but for life


In the Toddler program, we encourage respect and care by fostering independence, language development, vocabulary, positive self-esteem. We also provide many opportunities for the child to develop their motor abilities.

The main teacher uses different tools to encourage positive relationships to develop between the staff and the children and also between the children themselves. Tools like: close observation, taking notes and evaluation. The main teacher guides the young child towards the appropriate activities to keep the interest of the child while challenging him.

In the toddler class we respect different culture and we nurture this experience with songs, stories and activities.

Our program’s aim is to help the child develop good social skills as well as looking after his cognitive, physical, emotional development. Our practical life activities which are daily real life activities like washing a table, dusting, etc… engage the child in various exercises to develop independence, respect for the material, care for the environment, eye hand coordination , gross motor skills and concentration.

Finally, we work closely with the parents. A healthy relationship with the parents and good communication are the keys to make the toddler class a success